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Hirsch dynamics

Hirsch dynamics is a global manufacturer consisting of four subsidiaries.

MAP - Masterpieces based in Shenzhen, China.
HIT - Health intelligence technologies based in Zürich, Switzerland.
Ceramedical - Micro injection moulding based in Seibersdorf, Austria.
CDB - Ceramic dental brackets based in North Carolina, USA.

Hirsch dynamics is the firm umbrella of the individual companies and combines technologies, know-how and brings ideas to life.

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With orthodontic and dental manufacturers as partners, rather than competitors, CDB Corporation entered the industry, and immediately began gaining a global presence. CDB sought to become a leader in orthodontic manufacturing and began putting together a team of experts from within the industry.

HIT completes the fully aesthetic tooth correction product range from Hirsch Dynamics. Next to the hardware, aligners etc.  the main core of the product is the associated software system. A simulation software takes over the entire planning of the treatment.


Masterpieces​ is a pioneer for turning smart ideas into innovations! We support market leaders as well as start-ups along the entire value chain – from connecting to state of the art manufacturing. Together we bring ideas to life!

Ceramedical is an expert manufacturer for micro moulded parts. Using a range of high purity advanced ceramic materials for the innovation and production of super-low- tolerance micro parts for the medical industry.


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